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Prepared and invested from day one.

Providing the catalyst between clients and associates

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Why We're Different

Engauge cares passionately about the role we play in transforming workforce development. For too long the staffing experience for both the client and the associate has been of limited value and way too transactional. Engauge proactively plays the role of catalyst and partner between our clients and our associates. Our team operates with “why” in mind so we make sure we understand how to create the best solutions for our clients and the right fit for our associates.

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Finding a meaningful career takes more than an application. That’s why Engauge spends time with you on the front end to get to know you and your job history so we can help you begin to identify a potential career path.

  • Building off of your current skills and helping develop new ones
  • Looking for the right position and company fit for you
  • Identifying paid and unpaid training opportunities
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Engauge spends extensive time getting to know our clients' businesses. We work to understand the culture and the formal and informal ways our clients do their work. That way, we are able to fit the right associate to the right job. We think of ourselves as a workforce accelerator, making sure our associates are productive from day one.

  • Extensive time spent onsite getting to know the business
  • Providing full workforce management services: from resume review through hiring, mentorship, on-the-job training and performance reviews
  • Working as an extension of your human resources and operations team to ensure seamless support

Engauge Expertise

Everyone at Engauge has either worked extensively in a manufacturing environment or they have participated in the staffing experience. So, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that a manufacturing environment represents. That is why we can attract the right associates and team them with the right employer so that both parties thrive.

“Honestly I applied to this staffing agency by accident but it turned out to be a big blessing! I've never applied to a staffing agency but my recruiter was BEYOND AMAZING! Most people just want to fill a job slot, but he's definitely devoted to helping you find a CAREER! He spent time having a casual conversation about my job history, interests and career goals! He genuinely wants to help find you a career you enjoy, not just a job for the moment. He answered the phone every time I called and made sure he met my needs instead of me meeting his. He even gave me interview tips and recommendations."


Strong Networks

We have extensive partnerships in the manufacturing and distribution industries that we leverage on behalf of our clients and associates.

Hands-on Approach

We have learned that no company environment is the same. The complexity and unique characteristics of each shopfloor demands that we spend time to thoroughly understand the key drivers of performance

A Safety Mindset

We care deeply about our associates’ safety, from client safety walk-throughs, to training programs that prioritize safety best practices.

Strength in Diversity

We value the unique perspectives that different cultures bring. Helping clients successfully embrace workforce diversity strengthens their position and expands their flexibility. This is why we take such pride in the diversity of the Engauge team.


Engauge Workforce Solutions offers above industry average benefits upon eligibility and qualification. Our benefits include three voluntary Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant health insurance plans, a dental plan and a vision plan for associates and their dependents. We also recognize six paid holidays annually, accrued vacation pay and earned referral bonuses.


We measure our success in the ultimate success of our clients and associates. That is one reason why we are so excited about the number of associates that are hired by our clients each year.