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Finding candidates to fit your business starts by truly knowing your business. That’s where Engauge comes in: prepared, invested and ready to help you prosper.


At Engauge, we spend extensive time on the front end getting to know our clients’ business, down to the individual job requirements. We also work to understand the culture and the formal and informal ways our clients do their work. That way, we are able to fit the right associate to the right job. We think of ourselves as a workforce accelerator, making sure our associates are productive from day one.


We work seamlessly with your Human Resources and Operations departments so we can act as a direct extension of your Management team. We pride ourselves on not disrupting production. This close, working relationship, combined with our deep understanding of your business, allows us to work proactively on your behalf. By getting you the right associates for the right jobs, you have less turnover and more productivity to help your business thrive.

"Engauge understands the culture here. They have spent hours on site working with Team Leads and Management. They find the best candidates for the open positions. This summer we experienced an extraordinary growth in sales resulting in production volumes that hit record levels. Engauge was a major factor in our success. We added a 2nd shift of production consisting mostly of employees provided by Engauge. 2nd shift was up and running in record time. Engauge has been a great partner"

- Production Manager for EWS Client

Human Capital Partner

We partner closely with you to develop robust workforce solutions, from resume review through hiring, onboarding, mentorship and skills development.

Focus on Business Outcomes

Our main focus is to make your workforce more productive. So you can lower the number of temporary workers you need but maintain or improve your overall output. We focus on helping you improve your performance not the number of job placements we make. With one client we met their production goals and simultaneously were able to lower turnover from 50% to 16%.


We believe the only way to see sustainable improvement is by creating standard work. As we learn your processes, teams, organization, job functions, shifts and workplace culture, we can work with you to create tools and processes to help drive continuous improvement in your workforce.

Industry Benchmarking

We can provide industry, geographic, and departmental insight to help you understand how the application of various staffing services and strategies will affect your business. We will work with you to transparently reach agreed upon success principles which can build engagement, productivity, and control costs throughout your organization.

Skills Development

Working with your leadership team, we will identify workforce skills gaps, process improvements, and talent enhancement opportunities. Engauge also has a dedicated training facility where we can provide Associates with hands-on manufacturing training that will prepare Associates to be productive from day one. This training focuses on key areas where Clients are experiencing skills gaps to expand the pool of available skilled candidates.


Our training programs prioritize safety best practices relevant to the position and work environment that Associates will be operating in.

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Engauge Workforce Solutions believes that the most productive workplace is one that successfully balances the needs of clients with the needs of associates. We believe:

  • In the dignity of work, helping individuals discover their potential and develop the skills they need to make a positive impact on their lives and communities through full-time employment.
  • Clients deserve a stable and continuously developing skilled workforce.
  • The only way to successfully balance client and associate needs is to go “all in” to understand both audiences and match the right associates with the right jobs.
  • In spending dedicated time at our Clients to develop an in depth understanding of the unique culture, team and work environment.
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Founded on a rich background of manufacturing and operational experience, Engauge understands the external environment, complexities and unique language of manufacturing and distribution.

  • We employ a workforce dedicated exclusively to industrial clients’ needs; hiring, training and developing the right people to contribute to and drive our partners’ success.
  • Our on-site approach gives us greater insight into your organization, enabling us to develop a unique and strategic approach to meet your business needs.
  • Connecting a diverse body of job seekers with meaningful work opportunities results in strong, sustainable growth within the communities and businesses we serve — supporting your business well into the future.
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Intimate knowledge of your business needs allows us to ensure the candidates we place match the hard and soft skills needed to help both employees and your business thrive.

  • Before placement, we conduct a strategic qualitative assessment of all associates, helping fill skills gaps within your organization while also helping employees find the right fit to meet their career objectives.
  • We provide a multitude of training opportunities to help associates expand their skills and to help ensure they have the knowledge and support needed to succeed in their new position.
  • We also proactively work with our clients to identify and address skills gaps in their organizations. Our deep understanding of our clients allows us to assure our partners that Engauge associates become highly productive team members.

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Engauge believes in the power of people and the importance of dedicating our time and experience to truly understanding your unique needs and forming professional relationships that will support sustainable growth.